Delta Counsel, P.C., is a firm specializing in the legal issues and needs of small businesses. A small business can be a one person Limited Liability Company just getting started or a multimillion dollar business venture with hundreds of employees. Whether large or small, whether a distributor, a technology company, a heavy construction company, a residential home builder, a developer, a natural resources company or a professional practice, all have similar needs when it comes to legal issues.

We focus on service: same day returned communications; fast responses when the answer is time sensitive; advance discussions on fee expectations so there are no surprises when the bill arrives; understanding and refining the questions that need answering; working with you as a team to achieve the result; giving you the options so you can decide after receiving an explanation of the risks of each choice; identifying early on when outside expertise is needed and providing solid recommendations to meet those needs; trusting that when you pick up the phone to find out what you might need or to get some general direction you won’t find a 12 minute phone call on your next invoice, if you don’t call us we cannot help you and the work won’t get to our desk; and finding time to call and see how things are going just to check in. Sound unusual? That is the point and the way this firm does its business.

Our firm is a small business just like yours. We face many of the same issues day to day as our clients. Our ability to relate to our clients and their problems makes us better legal advisors and better people.

If you want to change the way you use your lawyer and see the difference a lawyer can make to your business, call us. We will simply make your business better. Be a part of the change and choose Delta Counsel.

Delta is the Greek symbol for change.

Our mission is to change the way clients perceive and utilize attorneys.


Business Formation and Metamorphous

The limited liability provided by a business entity such as a corporation or limited liability company is an essential tool for minimizing your personal liability. Our services include counseling on the correct form of entity and then creation and maintenance of the corporate entity. The demands of your business may call for transactions which affect your entity such as mergers, acquisitions, the sale or purchase of significant assets or the sale or purchase of shares of your entity. We have expertise in all of these areas and can assist you to avoid legal and business issues which might negatively impact your transaction.

Partners, Shareholders and Misunderstandings

While the genesis of the majority of all shareholder and partnership relationships is the ability to work amicably together, misunderstandings can and often do result in the breakdown of these relationships. We have developed an expertise in the creative resolution of partnership and shareholder disputes. This expertise has the added benefit of making us excellent counselors at the formation stage of the relationship. We assist our clients to put together partnership, member and/or shareholder agreements which set out clear expectations and a mechanism to resolve disputes up front, thereby giving our clients a framework to resolve issues before misunderstandings become disputes.


No matter what the size of your business, you may well have employment issues. As your general counsel we strive to understand your business so that we are better positioned to assist you to avoid potential employee problems as well as quickly assist you should a situation demand immediate attention. We have assisted our clients in the creation of policies and procedures, employment contracts, separation agreements and employee non-disclosure and invention assignment agreements to ensure the protection of your company’s trade secrets and other intellectual property.

Compliance Issues

We advise and assist with identifying and obtaining licenses, permits, and registrations from local, state, and federal agencies. We assist in identifying laws regulating your industry and in implementing plans for compliance.

Intellectual Property

We advise and assist businesses with issues of competition and the protection of trade secrets, as well as the licensing of intellectual property in the context of customer, distributor and other third party agreements.

Business Contracts

We are experienced at preparing agreements for most business situations. We believe in drafting agreements that are written in plain English with an eye to creating working documents that are easily administered by non-lawyers.

Real Estate

Real property transactions can be cumbersome to negotiate and resolve. We have worked with developers, commercial landlords and tenants and have consequently developed a keen understanding of the legal and business issues which can complicate these transaction and how to efficiently avoid them.

Collections and Dispute Resolution

Our goal is to resolve your legal disputes the cheap way – that is to say without resorting to litigation. In this context, we are successful at working with our clients to craft creative, cost-efficient solutions to the age old problem of getting paid.

Small Business Focus
  • Entity formation
  • Limited liability companies, corporations, partnerships and joint ventures
  • Contract forms to correspond with business needs
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Assist in selecting outside attorneys and advisors
  • Strategic planning
  • Position company for growth or sale
  • Transition advisory services
  • Sale or acquisition by third party
  • Existing shareholder/member buyout
  • Transition to next generation
  • Seller financing structures

If you want to change the way you use your lawyer
and see the difference a lawyer can make to your business, call us.

Delta is the Greek symbol for change.

Our mission is to change the way clients perceive and utilize attorneys.


Along with expert legal and business advice, our firm prides itself on becoming friends with our clients. We normally don’t refer to our clients in the abstract, calling them the client amongst ourselves or in discussions with others. Instead we refer to them as the Van Zants or have I introduced you to my friend Steve Konell.

We take pride in the fact that we form relationships that go beyond the typical lawyer/client. We do not charge our friends to pick up the phone and call us, whether to bounce ideas, talk about a problem, or find out when the next fishing trip is. In the coming months we will display pictures and tell stories of trips with our friends on this portion of our web site. Whether it be fishing or bird hunting in Hells Canyon (picture), floating in Jerry Lawson’s drift boat on the Clackamas for winter Steelhead or Coho Salmon, or skiing or snowmobiling in the Oregon mountains, we will put it here and invite you to come along.

If anyone, current friend or prospective friend/client is interested in taking a fishing, hunting, skiing or hiking trip, whether you need legal services or not, call us and you will get an invitation. We look forward to sharing these trips with you as they make our lives more fulfilled and the practice of law an easy exercise in human relationships. Thanks and come join us!

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Our firm is a small business just like yours.

We face many of the same issues day to day as our clients. Our ability to relate to our clients and their problems makes us better legal advisors and better people.



P.O. Box 751
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

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